husband shocked, wife of 40 years has a secret sugar baby for years, multiple lovers, s3x tapes

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After 39 years of marriage, I found out last month that she had been cheating on me for the last 6 years with multiple men, and more frequently with a young immigrant she met during many of her trips to France. I am 63 and she is 61. We are French, and my wife and I grew up in the south of France, but we reside in California. I had the utmost trust in her and never ever questioned her faithfulness. We had a wonderful long marriage filled with laughter, love, complicity, and admiration for each other. Until the faithful day, when I found a stash of video collection they have been making together. I have an appointment later today with an attorney.

A little background about us, let’s rewind back to when we first met in 1977, I was 21. We first saw each other at a summer camp in the United States, she came with her family to northern California, and I was living with my uncle for over two years then. I was at the beach with my French speaking friends, and she was there with her family, I approach her and struck a conversation, we got along well, coincidentally we were from the same small town in Venice, between Nice and Cannes in France, small world. I was later introduced to her family including her siblings. I was the summer boyfriend, we started a relationship before she traveled back to France, few months later she came back. I later visited her back in France, first time we had sex was on a beach in Corsica in 1978. We got married in 1981 and moved to LA area in 1984, few years later we had our now 29-year-old son. Then moved to southern California in 1997.

Up until covid hit she ran a traveling agency that allowed us to travel around the world, and we travelled more now that i am retired, we flew all the time for free and very often first class. i thought this was how my life with her will be till death do us apart. She must have done the round-trip LA-Venice 200 times easy, she always had reasons while she wanted to travel to France, and when i retired, I traveled with her a handful of time when i can. So, it’s not like she was ever very far away and for a long period of time. she is trying to salvage her business which was decimated by Covid. She genuinely likes the area around Venice and the French lifestyle, but she never really left them. She worked for several airlines before opening her own travel store 25 years ago, so we always travelled back and forth many times a year.

We had our periods of sex drought but overall, we pretty much did it 3-4 times per week on average. The last few years much less, since I’m recovering from 2 cancers, prostate and bladder, and those slowed me down. Not entirely but the libido is not what it used to be.

She was slightly overweight in her forties then about 8 years ago, she decided to get in shape, and boy did she ever, Running, hiking, yoga, gymnastics and super strict diet. In her mid-fifties she was in great shape and looks fantastic. I hiked with her for several years but can’t anymore, due to two bad knees. When I say hiking, I mean backpacking across the Sierra Nevada for 8 days. Not a two hour hike up the Malibu canyon.

She’s got tremendous energy and will outwork anyone in her field. She won several travel awards.

Last year she returned from France on December 27, after spending Christmas in France. She told me ahead of time when she was coming back as I was the one to pick her up from the airport, when I picked her up, she is all smile and vibrant, I have picked her up from the airport hundreds of times, this smile was different, we had not seen each other for 2 months so I thought that was it, I was happy to see her. when we got home that evening, I already set up a romantic dinner date that night, during the dinner she describe all the new places she visited in France, some of which we visited together, some of which were romantic places, she went skiing in Les Trois Vallees, little Venice, Chateau de Villandry, St. Paul de Venice and many more, many of this places were on our bucket list, we were supposed to do it together, so I was disappointed the she went without me, the way she said it was almost like she was bragging about it, she must have seen the disappointing look on my face but didn’t bother to ask me how I felt. I know the obvious question is that I shouldn’t have to ask my wife who she went with on all these romantic locations, but she made me look like a fool when she said that it was with her girlfriend and sister, she jokingly said soon after that it was her lover, as if that make my questions sound so ridiculous.

back then, I still didn’t have any reason not to trust my wife, but over the years, I knew something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, i thought it was because of her mom being sick. I also notice that her details were very sketchy, she would lie about things that she shouldn’t be lying about. After dinner that evening, she all of a Sudden tells me that she is flying to Martinique over New Year’s Eve to visit some girls that she had met the summer before. I was not happy and let her know, I asked her why now and why she couldn’t tell her girlfriends that she was spending new years with her husband, she made all kinds of excuses saying that they had already made plans, I told her that she is a married woman and can’t make plans without her husband, and that was simply selfish being that I will be spending new year’s alone, and i am retired. She suddenly became defensive saying that I was the one that was being selfish. She said that she had given me more than 39 years of her life, and she had spent the majority of the new years with me, and what’s wrong with needing a little time for herself. I told her that it wasn’t the point, the point is that she was supposed to inform me ahead of time, and she had been gone for two months already, the least she could do was to spend the new years with me, or even let me know ahead of time so I could have a backup plan. she didn’t want to hear it; she just left the conversation. We don’t have a lot of arguments in our relationship and if we do, we normally harsh it out the following day without acknowledging that anybody was at fault, the same happened this time.

The following day, we had breakfast together, we talked like we never had any arguments the previous day. but this time was different, I had my suspicion that there was someone else involved. it bothered me so much that I wanted to get to the bottom of this, and what bothered me most was that the previous night she refused intimacy with me. after more than 2 months of not having sex she wouldn’t have sex with me, her excuse was that she was having problems down there and that she scheduled an appointment with a doctor. That was new to me and normally I would be concerned but something didn’t sit right with me on this one, so I decided to check out the story about her recent trip with her sister and friends. Me and her sister had a good relationship, and she is known to be garrulous, so I called her, during our phone call, I started talking about how much fun she must have had on her skiing trip in Les Trois Vallees, but she didn’t know what I was talking about, so I tried to brush off the subject by saying that I thought she want on the trip with her husband but she said no. she asked me who told me that and I said that I thought she mentioned it on our previous conversation, it was an awkward phone call but incredibly telling as well, I didn’t do anything to give her the impression that my wife was being unfaithful. After the phone call I was really heart broken, I wanted to confront my wife, but I knew that she would deny it. it may turn out to be a big fight and I would be blamed for it because I have no evidence to prove that she was having an affair. Two days later she planned on flying to Martinique over New Year’s Eve to possibly spend new year with her lover, instead of spending it with me, I was not only angry I was insecure and felt like I was losing my wife, I felt like I had done all the hard work, now that I was retired and I was about the spend the rest of my life traveling with my wife she is now having an affair. My main worry and it’s a major one, I beat 2 cancers prostate and bladder and she were both times right next to me every second of the fights. Now who will be by my side when the beasts return?

we used to share our secrets now she is keeping secrets, lying, happy and smiling while I slowly die inside.

There’s a good chance of recurrence with both types of cancer so I know I’m on borrowed time but aren’t we all?

I also had a good and fulfilling life. Men in my family die young. My father 62, my brother 60 and my grandfather 57. I’ll be 64 next month so I consider myself lucky. But when the time comes it would have been nice to have her by my side. I mean the “before” her.

I came to this forum for help but all the conventional method of discovery a cheating spouse didn’t seem to apply to me, because of the distance of her affair, my thought at that point was, how could you investigate an international cheater. I couldn’t hire a private investigator to follow her or install a voice recorder. The day before she left on her trip to Martinique over New Year’s Eve, I overheard her talking on the phone while using the bathroom in the middle of the night, she was under the impression that I was asleep, because I am normally a deep sleeper, and I overheard some of her conversation. I could tell by how much she was dummying down her vocabulary that she was speaking on the phone with a non-native French speaker, she was speaking as plainly as she possibly could, she was telling him how much she loves him and how she couldn’t wait to be with him. I was now sure then that she was having an affair, possibly with somebody that wasn’t native to France. I was devastated to say the least that all my suspicions have been confirmed. She mentioned sending him photos and videos, that was when I got the idea of checking her emails or phone to see if I could find out who this man is or the extent of her affair.

The following morning, she woke up early, made breakfast and I dropped her off at the airport. After dropping her at the airport I immediately drove back home and thought about ways to gain access to her email to retrieve any pictures, I knew her old email and she knew mine and I was hoping that she hasn’t change it, Also I was going to do some investigative work on our share account to see where she has been spending our money. When I got home, I logged into her email and her password worked, I looked through her email and found plane tickets of her and another man, his name is Cedric, I suspected that he was Algerian, it appeared that she had been paying for his ticket and has been doing so for over two years. she has been using money from our account to pay for her expenses for her and her lover. I dug in deeper to see if I could find any photos of them together, but I couldn’t find anything on her email. My wife takes a lot of photographs because she travels a lot and visit several places. So, I knew she had a stockpile of digital photos. I knew she use to carry a portable hard drive to store her photo several years ago, but she transferred it to cloud system when cloud storage became popular. She uses iPhone and I remembered that any photos or videos she takes automatically gets uploaded to her dropbox account once she gets to an area with WIFI, I knew that because i helped her set it up several years ago, when we were traveling and taking pictures.

I decided to search for her drop box link through her email. When I found it, I clicked it and luckily her dropbox used her email and the same password on her yahoo email. When I logged into her dropbox account, I found multiple pictures and videos of her and the affair partner, I found out a lot of things about my wife that I didn’t know, places that I didn’t know she visited, people that I didn’t knew she met. It was like looking through a timeline of her life, a record for over 5 years. what caught my eyes was a thumbnail of video of my wife naked. I click the video and it was video of her being intimate with the Algerian Immigrant that looks almost 3 times younger than her, I recognize the laugh, the giggling and affection she was showing him, that use to be the affection she use to show me, when she look back at the camera as he records her, that use to be the look she gave me, I was hurt and in tears, words can’t explain how I felt that that moment and I remember stepping out for a moment to get some fresh air before coming back to continue watching the videos, there were many more videos like that, what standouts was how aggressive he was towards her, I never knew she like that sort of thing. It was like I didn’t know who my wife of 39 years was, the video goes back to more than a year and there were videos as recently as her last trip. My wayward wife always has a thing for making intimate videos, she enjoy watching porn tapes, and going to adult stores, about 8 years ago when she started getting in shape and working out she was looking good and took an interest in capturing our intimate sessions, she got me into it as well but stop when she knew that I was just doing it for her and didn’t enjoy it, she stopped, that was almost 6 years ago, I thought she lost interest and it was a phase that has passed, but I didn’t know that it was always in her, and she has being looking for someone else to do it with and has moved on from me.

as shocking as this seem, that wasn’t all that I saw, I spent the entire day looking through her dropbox photos and videos and I found a photo of her being intimate with her ex-boyfriend. Before she even met me, He was the first guy that she had sex with and is now a psychiatrist with grandkids, he came from the same area as my wife and I, so they see each other when she visits her mother and has always told me about him and that they are friendly, I didn’t realize that they have been intimate all along. at that point I felt like my entire relationship has been a lie. All her trip to France, maybe she has been intimate with him for our entire marriage.

He is still married to his wife and a respectable doctor in his community. She kept a photo record of her affair as if she was hoping that I find it. I didn’t see any videos of her and her doctor ex-boyfriend just intimate pictures and trip together. She has obviously been living a double or triple life, she travels between her two-affair partners, but for the past two years from what I could tell she has been exclusively intimate with the Algerian Immigrant. I spent the entire day reminiscing as my whole life flash, I felt like she was never in an exclusive relationship with me. throughout our marriage I had the utmost trust in her and never ever questioned her faithfulness. We had a wonderful long marriage filled with laughter, love, complicity, and admiration for each other, I had prostate cancer in 2008 and bladder in 2013. She was extremely supportive both times before and after surgeries. Luckily, I did not have any …inconvenient side effects after robotic Da Vinci surgery. We resumed our sex life in fact 3 weeks after the operation.

She was really the perfect spouse up until two years ago, when I started noticing that we were spending less time together, and she would frequently take trip to visit her sick mother and make other excuses to travel outside of the states. That day I felt like my whole life would never be the same, I have spent my entire adult life with her, now that I am retired and thinking about traveling the world with her, she started having an affair.

What hurts the most is that I knew that as I was going through all the evidence of my wife’s affair, she was on her way to see her affair partner. The following day I barely got any sleep, I couldn’t keep this to myself any longer, a part of me say that I should move on, move to south America or some Asian country and find me a younger woman to spend the rest of my life with, because I think my wayward wife has done the same, additionally I have been the only one in a committed relationship.

That same day my wayward wife called me to check on me, as soon as I saw that it was her, I wanted to confront her on the phone, but I knew that things like this should be done in person. I wanted to look her in eyes and watch her lie about her affair. she only had 3 days left on the trip. I remember speaking to her on the phone the day before she came back from her trip, I didn’t mention the affair to her, but she noticed that something was wrong maybe because I wasn’t giving her the normal response. I also got in touch with a lawyer to weigh my options. when she returned from the trip, I didn’t pick her up as usual, I told her that I was busy and she should get a CAB, which she found unusual because her flight was in the morning, and I usually aren’t busy at that time. When she came home that morning, I confronted her with all the evidence that I had discovered, I confronted her with the videos of her having sex with the young Algerians and pictures of her being cozy with her ex-boyfriend. The evidence was so overwhelming she couldn’t lie about it. To my surprise, i felt like she had been cheating on me for so long that she didn’t even see anything wrong with what she did, she thought that it was something that we could get passed.

she said she didn’t want to make rash decisions but at the same time she made it clear that she wouldn’t decide whether to stop seeing the Algerian POS, and she told me that the affair with the doctor was on and off thing and they haven’t seen each other for a while, and they haven’t officially ended it. I asked her how she could carry on an affair for so long, and our relationship has been a lie, I told her she has been carrying on the affair for so long she is completely unremorseful, her excuse was that she thought I was having an affair as well, which she knows was a lie, and she said that I can have an affair if I want but she wanted to still be in the marriage. I told her divorce was then inevitable. she said she didn’t want to divorce.

At that time, she also said that she didn’t want to go back to the life she was living here in South California. I didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand what she really meant but when she was here on the 25th she again said that, and I realized that she meant…living with me. I lost my temper and threw all her clothes from our bedroom balcony onto the parking lot. She seemed surprised and shocked; she knew then that I was serious about divorcing. She moved out to our son’s condo which is next door. Since then, that was last Monday, we talked again but we also decided that a divorce was inevitable. We saw an attorney moderator on Thursday and started with the paperwork.

I thought about reporting her affair partner, the doctor to the “Conseil de l’ordre des medecins”. In my view and I could be wrong a psychiatrist has a moral responsibility towards all humans, patients or not. He knew that by having an affair with a married woman he was going to cause pain and suffering to a husband. 50 years ago, her ex-boyfriend was part of my brother’s circle of friends. I knew who he was. Apparently, he doesn’t remember me. He is 3-4 years older than me, so I guess he’s around 67. He willingly and knowingly engages in activities nefarious to a human being. As a psychiatrist he was trained to use his talents to seduce and manipulate. After all that’s what he does for a living. Talk people into doing or stop doing something.

I believe that’s highly unethical.

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