Part 1 Husband Unthinkable revenge on his cheating wife, cheated with best friend.

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Been lurking on this site for a while, thought I share my story, it’s a long story, and it’s still ongoing with the custody battle for my friend’s daughter. since the case is still on going in court, I will try to limit the amount of detail I reveal as to not to incriminate myself, I will use pseudo names and omit some of the details to remain anonymous. So, let’s begin. This happened to my formal best friend and formal business partner and his wife, he is still my friend, but we are not as close as we use to be. This affected both of our live, so I feel like I am in a good position to tell the story, many of you guys would think of me as the bad guy in this story, maybe I am, but put yourself in my shoes before you judge me, maybe you would understand me, maybe not but either way I don’t care.

My Friend’s name is Joe, (pseudonym) we grew up together in the Midwest. He is a nice guy, wouldn’t do anybody wrong, an introvert, geeky and very intelligent, we both have opposite personalities, however, we got along really well. we are the same age and enjoy playing video games together, I was in R.O.T.C. in high school, so I joined the military after graduating, after high school. Jeo wanted to join me, but his father didn’t let him, this was during the Iraq war time, when every politician and the media were beating the drums for war. his father was one of those people that was against the wars in the middle east and stuff. I am not saying his father was wrong because so many of my buddies died needlessly in the middle east, joe could have been one of them. But either way, it didn’t end well for Joe, because he is sitting in jail right now serving 20 + years in the penitentiary, I guess destiny for him is either he dies somewhere in a ditch in Iraq or serving time in the states because of a woman.

I couldn’t help but wonder how I could have change things, I may have been able to prevent his relationship with his soon to be wife from going too further, when he first told me on the phone that he started seeing someone, that was when I was in the tail end of my service in the military. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was as guilty as him, because I was afraid to tell him the truth. I still have secrets that I haven’t told Joe yet, and I know he would be heartbroken if he finds out. After eight years of service, I was honorably discharged from active duty, most of my time in the military was spent in the middle east. A few days after I got back, I called joe and told him to join me for a drink at the bar. Joe is now a very busy guy, he already turned down my invite once, it has been increasingly difficult to get him to spend time away from work, we have been catching up from time to time when I was on leave, when I visit home while I was in the military, but we have been growing apart as Joe now runs his own niche base Manufacturing company. Apparently, the decision not to join the military has paid off bigly for him, because he graduated college with a degree in bioengineering and he is running a 7-figure business that he only started in less than 4 years from when I got out of the military.

Me on the other hand spent eight years in the military and now that i am out, I am jobless, and not a marketable skill to get a high paying job, I feel like I was starting afresh. I wasn’t surprised at joe’s success, he has always been the smart one, the guy that always has all the answers. The purpose of our meeting was so I can convince him to hire me in his fast-growing business, we have spoken at length about it when he started the business, back when I was still in the military. I could help with customer relation and sourcing parts oversees. Back then he was making a lot of trips to Asian countries to source Vendor to fabricate components to use on the products that he and his team designed for customers, and I thought I could help him out on that and other areas.

 We have talked about it at length before, and how I would join him when am done with the service. So that day I showed up early at the bar, hoping that he would show up because he cancelled on me before. when I was pulling into the parking lot, his car was right behind mine. Back then, his business was already thriving, he was driving his dream sportscar, I am not going to mention the car to remain anonymous. I was excited to see him. I haven’t seen him in two years, he gained about 40 lbs. from when last I saw him, we exchange pleasantries as we walked into the bar, Joe is not the drinking or bar hopping type, meeting at the bar is a habit that I have learnt over the years.

During our conversation at the bar, I tried to bring up the employment subject we spoke about years earlier, but he kept deflecting, he was more interested in talking about his Chinese wife that he met in China and brought over to the United States, with a spousal Visa. We have talked about her on the phone about a year ago when he brought her to the states, He said that he met her two years ago when he was traveling in China, sourcing suppliers for a part that he design for his latest product, and she happened to be his translator and liaison, he hired her very quickly and she was working from China for about a year before she move to the US, and she’s now in charge of part sourcing and handling international and local supply chain distribution in his company, he said they both own the business 50/50 now. Since he got her in using a spousal Visa a year ago, they had a court wedding in China, but now that she is in the US she wanted a white wedding like she had always dreamed about when she was a little girl.

 joe is more on the geeky side, socially awkward so he always falls hard for any girl that show’s him attention, and I always caution him about it because it never ends well. so being me, I tried to caution him about this one as well, because I thought she had too much control over his business within a very short period of time, he even told me that they haven’t had sex because she wanted a white wedding first and she ‘wants it to be special’ so it should happen after her white wedding night, that to me was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and was a giant red flag. even though he had known her for two years, brought her to the states, given her control on the most vital areas of his business, been living with her for almost a year, and is his Wife? He still hasn’t had sex with her? Now I am not an expert in Chinese culture, but I know that it is unusual currently, for a woman to be that celibate after a guy has done all that much for her. I asked him why they haven’t gotten the white wedding yet, and he said that her parent was having visa problem and they are close to getting it, because she wants her parent to be there. I called BS on that, and I told him that if it was me, she would be giving up her a(ass) by now, and he didn’t like that statement, and acted defensive.

I told him that I don’t understand what makes her so special, he said she is a great business partner, very smart, beautiful and hardworking, I told him that he should be careful with giving her control over his business, I told him that most Asian girls are beautiful and smart so that doesn’t make her special, I told him that, it’s unusual for her not to have had sex with him yet, because they have been married for that long. I noticed that Joe was getting irritated with my line of questioning and how I was trying to burst his bubble, by questioning the motives of his wife, so I decided to stick to the reason why I was there.

when I circle the wagon back to the job he promised me, I felt like I already annoyed him with my questions earlier. I noticed that his mood changed, and he didn’t even want to talk about the opportunity that he promised me. I felt like this isn’t the joe that I knew, maybe because his got money now, he felt like I shouldn’t have an opinion, at the end of the meeting he tentatively promises to let me know after he shuffle some deck to make sure that he has a spot available for me. after the meeting I got an impression that the friend that I knew wasn’t there anymore, all that is left is a business minded geek, in love with a girl he barely knew, and being stringed along. At that moment I made a promise to myself that if he ever gave me the opportunity in his company, I would always tell him want he wanted to hear, basically to become a yes man, I have to look out for myself.

About Three days later, he called me and invited me to his home that evening. I prepared myself like I was going for an interview, I have never been so tense meeting up with someone that I use to be best friends with because I wanted that job. I didn’t want to act out of line, or say something that displease him, I understood that people grow apart, someone that was your best friend few years ago may change to become something else, due to experience and environmental factors. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to meet his wife since they live together. I arrived at his house around 9 or 10pm, he has a really nice house in a good area of town, nothing too extravagant. At this point I still live with my parents and drive a worthless car, so that was a big deal to me at the time. his wife was home, when I walked in, she seems really shy and proper, with the greetings, I thought maybe that was one of the reasons he liked her, plus she was very beautiful, she prepared some Chinese food for dinner.

After dinner, all three of us went to the living room and got down to business, we were drinking wine as well. long story short, I was offered the VP of customer relation and sourcing, and I would have two employees reporting under me, basically the third high ranking person after Kim(joe’s wife), I also learn more about the business, like they have 10 employees at the time, there primary sector is manufacturing medical equipment and component and also for other industries as well, they engineer and Assemble parts, and all there component comes from Asia; they visit a customer, find out the customer needs, invent the part, manufacture the component in Asia, and assemble it in the US. it’s very profitable model, if you have good inventors/engineers, because the customer may need that part for life and then you are their only supplier and since you have the patent for the invention you can regulate the price with no competition. I also understood that Kim was more involve in the business than I expected, she deals more in the supply chain side of things and customer relation, marketing, and hiring to some extent, while Joe as the president of the company deals with the engineering, quality and patent, so I would play more of a supporting role to Kim than Joe, initially.

Kim speaks good English with a Chinese accent, gorgeous as eff, and seem very competent and well connected with supplier and customer, and she is only 25, just two years younger than us. joe told me that the reason why he is speeding up my hiring is because him and Kim were planning on traveling to China and Vietnam for business trip in a few months, he would like me to replace him on the Trip, so she could get me acquainted with all their suppliers, and he think this would be a great time to bring me in as the business continues to expand. Kim makes this trip as least once every two months so it would be nice if I could assist and learn that side of the business. During the meeting we had a little bit of wine, and they both became a bit loose with their personality, looking back, I could see that Kim was pretending to some extent in front of Joe, but every once in a while the mask slips, and her more outgoing personality shows, I didn’t think nothing of it, moreover if I did I wouldn’t care to bring it up, knowing how much Joe doesn’t want to listen to any thing critical about his wife.

About 1 week later I was already on the job training, I had my own office, was being shown the ropes. Then 2 weeks later there was a manufacturing expo in Vegas, plenty of medical industry clients would be there, so it was a great opportunity to showcase our products and company, so me, Joe, Kim and one other male employee would be there for the three-day expo, and we rented a small booth at the event. I was lucky enough to be invited on the trip, it provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the business, since I would be advertising the products to customers and Expo attendees. The Expo was from Wednesday to Friday, so the plan was to fly in on Tuesday and be flexible on our return flight base on the outcome of the meeting and the opportunity to explore more.

So, we flew into Vegas on a Wednesday night, all four of us stayed in the same hotel, I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to explore Vegas because of all the marketing and product material I have to go over. I had some question, so I thought I visit joe and Kim’s suite to ask them, when I got into their hotel room, joe said that Kim went downstair to take a little break. joe was studying through some designs if I remember correctly, but he couldn’t answer few of the questions clearly because it was more of the Kim’s side of the business. After the meeting with joe, I step out of his room, and I thought about going downstair to check on Kim, now joe is not the kind of guy that would be hanging out at the bar just to drink, he is not a drinker so there must be a reason, like business or catching up with friends or something.

When I went downstairs to check and see if Kim was at the Casino, I saw her chatting with a guy at the bar, she immediately saw me and wave me down to come over, when I came over, I was surprise that they started asking me about my opinion about a specific horse racing competition people were betting on TV, I know nothing about horse racing, but I had a feeling that they were trying to throw me off, because she got caught, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her talking to somebody at the bar, she might be prospecting about the business, that is what we are in Vegas for right? but the way she was reacting gave me a certain vibe like she was trying to cover something up. She was having a drink and it seemed like they were both flirting with each other and got caught.

she was trying to play it off like they want my opinion about some horse racing, the tell sign is that the guy walked away very soon after, with a disappointed look on his face, and I started talking to Kim about the question that I needed clarity about. by then she has had a couple of drinks before I got there, and was more open than she would normally would, I, being a social person, I was able to vibe well in conversation and we started talking about her relationship with joe, she surprisingly had nothing good to say about him, she complained that he was all about work and very judgmental about everything and have an idea in his head about how people need to act. I didn’t add anything to her relationship conversation about joe, I simply flow with the conversation, agreeing to whatever she was saying, I learned my lesson not to get in between them before. That was when I learned a little bit more about her, she was born in China and was the only child of her parents, her parent were strict and she was raised in a traditional Chinese home, but have a rich uncle, his father’s younger brother, took her to good school and she visited the states on vacation several times, she graduated from college early, got into working as liaison for Chinese and foreign businesses, which is how she met Joe.

We spoke for at least an hour, getting to know each other, there were few people at the bar, most of them were at the Casino and everybody was minding their own business. We were getting along so well that night and I don’t know if it was the alcohol but I felt like we had some chemistry building up, I tried to ease the tension by suggesting that maybe we should call Joe to join us, but she said joe is already asleep, and staying up late at the bar is not his thing, I knew she was right, I knew it wasn’t his kind of scene, but this was one of those question you asked when you feel like the tension is too high and you regret asking it after. I decided to excuse myself to go to the bathroom because I was having sexual thought and I felt a lot of sexual tension in the air, which I knew was inappropriate, it wasn’t like she was coming onto me but we were both actively participating in some low level flirting, I could go as far as saying that I might be more of the initiator and she was just playing along, maybe I could blame it on the alcohol.

I decided to excuse myself, to release some tension because I felt like I was about to bang my best friends and my boss wife, that he loves dearly and I am not about to lose my job over this broad, moreover I wasn’t that kind of guy, so I thought. I went to the bathroom to fix my pants and by the time I came out, I saw another guy hitting on her, while she is still sitting on the bar stool, and he walked away as soon as I got there. When I got back to my seat, next to her, I looked at her and realize why she gets so much attention, she is drop dead gorgeous, I would rank her a 9-10 from a scale of 1-10. When i sat down next to her, She realize that I was staring at her, I couldn’t say anything else other than telling her that the music is great, and if she wanted to dance, which was supposed to be a joke because the music sucked, it’s an elevator song, she giggle for a bit and then responded that it’s a slow dance track and she doesn’t like it, I actually meant for it to be a joke, but I was surprise that she was receptive to it, because the sound track sucks, but I guess it was lost in translation but I played along, I asked her what kind of song she was into and she said something with a dance track like R and B, EDM and house music, at this point I felt like I have gone too deep and just went ahead and asked her if she would like to checkout some of the clubs in Vegas that plays that kind of music, and to my surprise she knew which once she would like to go like she had been there before.

I asked her how she knew about it, and she said she came with a friend a while back for her birthday, and they visited some of the Vegas club scene, and she had been to Vegas on business several times, it was almost like she was bragging. At that point I was thinking that this is not the Kim I thought I knew, and I think joe have given her a free rain, especially when she is denying intimacy with him on the account that they need a white wedding before he could officially get in her pants. I was confident that she was hiding her real personality from joe, and she is not the virtuous woman she claimed to be, what I saw that night was a manipulative, smart, savvy hot woman, that enjoy flirting, and getting attention from men, especially when they are not her husband. I felt like joe was in trouble with this one, because she seems too ambitious and not contempt with her position because all she does was criticized joe and how she thought she could do better, I had a feeling like she was trying to cav out her own empire for herself and joe was just a vehicle for her to get there.

I followed her lead, and we went to a club in Vegas that play EDM and house music, there was a long line, so we line up to get into the club, we spent time on the line just flirting with each other, we were already tipsy, so we were both in our own little world. When we got into the club our hand was all over each other, I mean we were on the dance floor grinding on each other almost like we were doing it while clothed. At some point I got carried away and had two of my fingers inside as we dance, she stopped me and told me that we should head back before joe starts looking for her, I looked at the clock and it was already around 1am, she was right, because I need to be up early as well to open up the booth, and I needed some sleep because tomorrow would be a long day, we got out of the club to wait in line for a taxi, I bribe the guy controlling who get into the taxi $20 so we could get in front of the line, on the short drive to the hotel, while me and Kim where at the back of the taxi, we started making out and before I knew it she unzipped and b(blowing) my pipe while on the back of the Taxi, she didn’t care that the driver was watching us on the rearview mirror.

We were almost a few blocks from our hotel when the cab Driver jokingly told us to stop, saying that we should get a room, and she stopped after that. The Cab dropped us off at the hotel. After that, we got into the elevator, we were staying on the same floor, when we got off the elevator, I was thinking we would go to my room and finish what she started, but she just said good night and head to the room she shared with her husband.

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