Part 2 Husband Unthinkable revenge on his cheating wife, cheated with best friend

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I stayed up late that night thinking about what could have happened, the following morning I was awoken the by a knock on my door. It was the other employee that came with us, we were supposed to be packing and arranging our booth early before attendees arrive at the Expo, the plan was to be there before 7am, and it was already a few minutes past 7am, so I got ready quickly, brush my teeth and went downstairs. I wasn’t even thinking about what happened last night, till I saw Joe and Kim downstairs, they were having breakfast, I wasn’t sure how Kim would react when she saw me, but she greeted me like nothing happened. We didn’t have time to join them, so We told them that we are heading to the Venue to unpack and get things ready.

When we got to the Venue, we unpacked and got things ready, we had few attendees and potential customers that visited our booth, and I was busy marketing our products before Kim and Joe arrived at the venue. every so often, I tried to get a glance at Kim while we were attending to people, but she wouldn’t even look at me or speak with me, it was awkward. It seems like she was avoiding eye contact with me, it was like she was feeling like what happened was a mistake. I remember thinking, maybe the alcohol played a role in how she acted, she was feeling tipsy, and she made a mistake, and I took AD(advantage) of her. Even before the end of the expo that day, I felt like she was going to come clean to Joe and I would be screwed, because it was obvious that she was avoiding me, and I was afraid that she was going to tell joe about what she did last night, and I would not only be fired but I would lose a friend.

To make matters worse she left before the Expo ended that day, and Joe told me that she wasn’t feeling well, so she left early, I think part of the reason why she left was because I was making her uncomfortable. I remember feeling guilty while sharing a cab with joe after the expo that day, I regretted ever putting myself in that position, and I took full responsibility for what happened. On our way back to the hotel, while sharing a Taxi with Joe, I debated whether to tell him what happened, because I wanted to take control of the narrative, but it would be tough to explain to a friend how his wife’s mouth winded up on my Johnson on a ride home from the club, So I kept my mouth shut.

Throughout the rest of the day, I couldn’t think about nothing else but her, not only in a sexual manner, but because I worried that she would tell Joe about it and I would lose my job and the embarrassment, and my reputation, o men, I would be screwed big time. I felt like I needed to speak with her, I felt like my job was hanging on the balance and I couldn’t wait till the following day to speak with her. that day, I went downstairs to the bar hoping that she was there like the night before, but nothing. That was a long evening.

The following day at the Expo, while we are in the booth, Joe was out meeting a customer and the other employee was out, it was just me and Kim alone at the booth, and no visitors was around, there was a window of opportunity to speak to Kim alone, but I didn’t really know what to say to her, I called her an tried to say something as she stared at me expecting me to say something but I kept stuttering my words, she had this look on her face like ‘dude what a hell is wrong with you’, I ended up saying that ‘I was sorry for the other day’ and she responded that ‘I know, it would never happen again’. she just looked away from me, and went on doing what she was doing, she was going to act like it never happened, it was almost like that entire night was a blur to her. The tension was broken when a visitor walked into our booth asking questions about our product. After that day I left feeling a little relieved, her reaction when were alone was so bleak that you would think that someone that had done what she did would have more to say.

I went back to the hotel that night feeling a little better than the previous day, and I slept well. the following morning, which was the last day, was supposed to be a half day at the booth and some meeting with potential customers that wanted our service, me and the other employee spent most of the day arranging our product to ship back home, Joe and Kim came by a couple of times but most of their day was spent in private meeting with clients/ customers. I had some normal interactions with Kim that day, no awkwardness, it was like the fling from two days ago never happened. At the end of the day, all four of us shared an uber ride back to the airport after the event, I was sitting on the front seat, Joe and Kim and the other employee were sitting on the back. I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw how Joe and Kim were chatting and laughing with the each and the other employee. I felt like I dodged a bullet, and I was glad things didn’t escalate to something much further than it did with Kim.

The trip to China was postponed, I don’t remember why. However, I know that Joe and Kim had planned to have a white wedding that she had always wanted. her parents from China were already in the states, most employees that work for Joe were present at the wedding as well. At this point I didn’t really hangout with joe that often, and our relationship has been moving toward the employee and boss relationship. I was making more money than I could ever make working anywhere else, and I could project at that time that my income would double in less than one year base on the company’s performance, in that period we also hired 6 additional salaried employees. there were now 3 managers: me and two other guy, and Kim and Joe, three engineers and 21 hourly employees.

The following month, me and Kim were planning a Trip to China so she can introduce me to other suppliers and source for a Vendor for components for our next product launch. When I was preparing for the trip, I was sure something sexual would happen, our business class seat was next to each other and we were staying at the same hotel; we plan on visiting two cities together for business and the rest of the days, she would visit her people back in the west of China, from there she would travel back to the states. At that point in my life things were going really well, I have more money to make a down payment on a house, I have a serious girlfriend. As much as I was attracted to Kim, I still hoped that it didn’t turn to any intimate encounter, because if she makes a pass at me, I wasn’t sure that I was strong enough to say no to her.

During our long flight, we mostly talked about business, and had some friendly conversation but nothing sexual. Something that stand out in one of our conversation was when she was asking me a hypothetical question, asking whether I saw her as a good leader, and if I would join her if she start her own company, I said yes of course, but in the back of my mind I thought it was a strange question, because why would she want to start her own company if she was already a major partner in her husband’s successful company, they recently got married so it wasn’t like they were having marital problem, that question wouldn’t makes sense now until years later.

The rest of the week was very productive in terms of networking, building business relations and finding vendor to create new products. We stayed in the same hotel for two days in one city and one day in another city before she traveled to the west of the country to visit her family. I didn’t go out to explore or sightsee because that wasn’t my thing, so I spent most time on the phone with customers in states side or on my laptop working, and making sure everything back home is running smoothly. After my one week visit to China, I was feeling very confident and comfortable in my role, I saw myself as an international businessman and even a product marketer, something I didn’t go to school for and wasn’t qualified for, and I owe it all to Joe for given me the opportunity. After our trip to China, it was clear that the affair was a quick mini tryst, I was glad it never continued and from henceforth our relationship was professional.

Few months later I got engage to my girlfriend and we got married not so long after, since things were going so well financially, to put a number to it, i was making almost 120k in about a year of working there. During that same period Kim got pregnant, and 9 months later she gave birth to a baby girl. My wife also gave birth right at the same time as well. since we were all the same age and got married during the same period and our daughter are around the same age, Joe and Kim tried to invite us to every function they do, they were trying to get us to be close friends and my wife was into it, but I tried my best to limit the activities to strictly business. I was more focus on work and family, and I wasn’t going to get involved in any way that would interfere with my marriage or work, because I had a very strange feeling about Kim and Joe’s marriage, and how she controls him, and I didn’t want to get involve. moreover, I didn’t want my affair with her to be exposed or put myself in a position for it to continue.

Fast forward about two years later, business is going amazing, I am making about a quarter million a year, second baby on the way. Joe called me one evening, telling me that we should hang out at a bar, I thought it was strange because we haven’t hanged out for a while, and joe is not the type that just hangs out a bar unless is for business or something meaningful, the man rarely drinks. So, I was understandably nervous about the whole thing, the thought on the back of my mind is that maybe my sins from 2 years ago with his wife have come back to bite me. I went to the bar thinking that I would be fired or something bad would happen, even though I knew him enough to know that if he finds out about the affair, he will probably fire me on the phone, and there wouldn’t be a need for a meet up at the bar, I thought maybe he wanted to handle things differently, maybe I was overthinking things.

I went to the bar nervous as hell, but when I got there, and he started telling me his problems, it wasn’t about me, but him and Kim’s relationship was on the rocks. He has been having family problems and wanted to voice his frustration to me. like I stated earlier, I didn’t hang out with him that much anymore. He said that the reasons why he doesn’t hang out with me that often and some on his friends was because Kim tried to isolate him from anyone that was close to him. He said that over the years, he and Kim have drifted apart, because of frequent traveling, to make matters worse, her parent that visited them 2 years ago when they got married refuse to leave, and now is trying to control how their 2-year-old daughter is being raised, causing friction in their marriage. he is having problems raising his daughter in a multicultural home, especially since her parent were still here. He complained that his in-laws do not listen to him, for some reason, and they ignore him, trying to isolate him in his own home.

I paid close attention to what he was saying, it looks like he has been going through this for a while, and didn’t have anybody to share his story with, I am probably the closest friend he has, and I don’t feel like I was close to him anymore, it must be really tough for him to share, because he knows that I warned him about this years ago. 

I was really angry for him, I thought it was wrong for them to just try to take advantage of him because of his meek personality, I wanted to tell him to just kick the in-laws out, but he said that his wife had agreed that the in-laws would be leaving for China in a few weeks. just by listening to him I can tell that Kim was totally in control of the home, he walks on egg shell around his own home, which probably gave his in law the balls to dictate how he wants to raise his own daughter in his home,  I didn’t want to come on heavy and tell him that he should lay down the law like the man of the house, because that would be off handed and he is not that kind of person.

So, I asked him what Kim thinks about her family staying in their home that long and trying to raise their daughter the way they want, and he said that Kim was in support of it, and even encourages it, because she said that their upbringing turned her to the woman she is today. He told me that Kim also said that because they both travel often, her parent is the only stable force in the child’s life, after he said that, I didn’t find many flaws in Kim’s logic based on how joe explained it. Kim and joe do travel a lot, sometimes on extended trip sometimes for weeks, and would be good to have someone permanent around; but I didn’t tell joe that.

I knew that there was more to the story, so I pressed on, he later told me that they haven’t been intimate for over 4 months, when they are not on business trips, she uses every excuse to avoid intimacy with him, from too much burden at work, or their daughter needs attention, anything to rebuff his attention. He tried to convince her to be a stay-at-home mom, but even I know that Kim is too ambitious for that. He complains that she refuses to have more kids, and all he wanted was a simple wife that would be home and raise the family. he said they have all the money they need but she continues to want more, and more control over his business. I asked him if he have even considered divorce, that way he would have share custody over his daughter, and then spend more time with her without outside interference at his own time, and protect his finance, because most often, whomever files for divorce first, will most likely get the upper hand.

He said that he hasn’t considered filing for a divorce or speaking with a lawyer, he was saying that he wanted to speak to her about marriage counseling, I didn’t try to dissuade him from going to marriage counseling, but I told him that he should always have a plan B. I also warned him to be vigilant about her movement, I told him to find a way to monitor her phone, track her movement to make sure that she is going where she said she was going, and install a GPS in her car if possible, he responded by looking at me like I was speaking another language, he gave me the ‘how the hell could I suggest such a thing?’ look, he angrily dismissed my claim by saying that most of her trips are international and that she is never the kind of person that would have an affair, at that moment I knew he was screwed, I felt like I should just keep quite before I incriminate myself.

So, I just quietly sat they listening to his stories without offering any tangible opinion, other than what he wanted to hear. My assessment at that point was that Kim is having an affair, or is already planning to divorce him, and this poor guy is the stupidest smart guy I have ever known, and he is too stupid to realize when the rug is about to be pulled right underneath him. I was glad we had that meeting because I would be able to prepare myself for the eventuality, I don’t know what the impact on their pending divorce would be, but I would be stupid not to plan for an exit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the amount of money I am currently making somewhere else. And the only way I can make the same is to replicate his business model and start my own thing, using the knowledge and experience I already have; I know the sourcing and customer network side, what I was lacking is the engineering and creative side that Joe brings to the table, but I can always hire someone for that.

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