Part 3 Man Unthinkable Revenge on his Cheating wife who cheated with his best friend

I already had suspicions that Kim was trying to take over the business, because of somethings she said to me in the past, and the fact that long ago she took over the hiring process for some reason and was hiring people that are very loyal to her around the small company, mostly Chinese people, I suspected it earlier, but I couldn’t make any sense of it. she even went as far as controlling the employees that worked under me because she hired them, and I couldn’t even make any move without them telling her about it, I didn’t trust the employees that worked under me, she made the place such a toxic workplace. I tried to take control of at least the people under me, but she fought back, and I had to stand down before I get fired.

After my conversation with Joe at the bar, I noticed that he was slowly losing motivation and slacking on his responsibilities, but the good news is that they have created such a good business model that it could sustain itself without prospecting for more customers, because current customer base is enough to make it profitable, but there wouldn’t be any new product advancement or growth. A few days later I noticed that Kim wasn’t showing up to work as she used to, and wasn’t answering a phone, even when I called her on WhatsApp.

A day or two later, some of our suppliers overseas stop responding promptly, I also noticed that we have lost some customers and it was obvious something was happening, after 5 consecutive days that she didn’t show up to work, joe called me and 3 other managers in his office to explain to them what was going on. He told us that he had a disagreement with his wife, and she was trying to destroy the business, and some of the suppliers and our customer are loyal to her and she has been trying to create her own business and destroy our reputation. He said that the fallout would be massive, and we should brace ourselves, and we may have to let half our employees go. He told me that I have to travel to China and Vietnam the following week, to sure up and secure alternative suppliers, if necessary, he would help with the customer relationship side of business, after he told us the sad news and two of the managers left the room, we spoke alone, and he told me that I was right all along.

He told me that the impact to the business would have been much worse if he hadn’t caught her before she could put all her plans in motion. He told me that after the meeting we had at the bar, he couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of infidelity, so he later started suspecting the possibility that she might be having an affair, so he installed a monitoring device on her phone, and apparently she has been in a romantic relationship with multiple men on WeChat, one of them had already proposed to her and she had accepted and they planned on moving in together and starting a similar business like ours, she was going to marry him and move him to the states now that she is a citizen thanks to Joe . The man had an engineering degree as Joe, he was much older and had more network in China, apparently, they had known each other much longer than she had known Joe, I guess he must have been lurking in the shadows even before Joe met her. according to the text messages that Joe recovered, she told him that she planned to divorce Joe and take over the company, I was not sure how she planned to do that, but that was what Joe told me.

Her planned was to divorce him in about 5 months, so she was exposed too soon, causing her to pull the trigger too soon because joe discovered everything and confronted her, so she stopped showing up to work, most of her trips were not just business trips but were also romantic getaway as well. Joe was telling me that before he discovered her affair, she promised him that she would go to marriage counselling and encourage him to start individual counseling, all the while she had already made up her mind to divorce him and was buying time. He told me that he felt really depressed and has been considering suicide for the past few days, at some point he started crying and I hug him to console him. it felt like it has been bottled up for a while, and I asked him where his daughter was and if the in-laws at still at his place, and he said that the in laws are gone, and he hired a babysitter for his daughter and his wife has gone missing since he found out and confronted her.

He told me that he called her several times, but she didn’t respond, and he knows that she has been busy calling his suppliers and customers telling them to cut ties with his business and sharing all kinds of incriminating documents to destroy him, but some of the customers were loyal enough or taught it was some sort of scam, so they decided to call him and inform him what was going on. And some of the suppliers only care about money and would cut contact provided that they are being paid, so her plan did not work as she had hoped.

At this point I was thinking that Kim left her husband and daughter and then join her boyfriend/fiancé in China and calling her husband customers and suppliers, trying to steal some of his business, with little success, she had already sabotage few of his suppliers in China and Vietnam so it’s just a matter of time before we start running short on some components, and our customers would start complaining about late deliveries. I have already been to Chine and Vietnam multiple times now, so I had built some network of people in this part of the world, so I knew my way around. I had also been sourcing suppliers in south America as well with little success.

Before we book our one-way trip to China, we only had about a month worth of supply on some critical parts that she was able to successfully sabotage, so we had our priorities. we book a one-way trip because we didn’t know when we would be back, unless we find alternative suppliers that would supply us with some critical components. I didn’t spend much time worrying about why Kim would want to try to destroy a business that she helped built, because I knew all along that she was trying to silent joe and to take over the business, but he was too stupid to realize it till it was too late, now we are running around like chickens.

back then, I was still confused by her action, I thought that it would make more sense to take over the business than trying to start with someone else, even though he is more successful, I thought maybe she pulled the trigger by mistake, and her whole plan was not well thought of and is bound to fail. I don’t know, maybe there was more to this story that I didn’t know about, but from my point of view and the information that I have that was all the conclusion I could draw from her reasoning. At this point, all I was thinking about was saving this business so I can keep paying my mortgage and keep up with the fancy lifestyle that me and my beautiful wife and kids have been accustomed to, I felt like she was the enemy and didn’t consider the livelihood of about 37 employees that makes there living off this business that Joe has built

We stayed about 2 weeks in east Asia and visited three countries, but the end of our trip we were able to recover some of our previous supplies because strangely enough Kim stopped calling them, and wasn’t uphold her commitment to them. at the end of the day money is loyalty and we are offering to pay. I thought it was really odd that she just halted her effort to destroy the company all of a sudden. so, I thought whatever reason that cause her to stop was great for me. after we return back to the states it took us about a month to wither the storm, but thinks were back to normal. We never heard back from Kim, and I never saw her after that, during those months, I notice that Joe was never the same, he was already an introvert but now he kept to himself even more, and always very paranoid and defensive. One time, I asked him if he heard anything about Kim, and he said that she has abandon him and his daughter and haven’t heard from her, he started asking me why I was asking, which was a strange question, knowing all we have been through over the past couple of months.

few weeks later, I was notified by an employee that a missing persons case has been filed on Kim, and that the family are saying that they don’t know her whereabouts and she haven’t contacted them in weeks. Immediately I called joe and he confirmed that it was true, he told me that the police have spoken to him, and they suspected that a foul play was involved. There was no evidence that she went back to China, and the last person that saw her was joe, so he was the number one suspect. Joe told me that he hasn’t told the police about his wife’s affair, they would use it as motive to arrest him, so he told me not to tell the police about the affair.

At this point I didn’t suspect that joe was involve in any way, and I didn’t want to suspect that he was involve, even if he was, I would cover for him, because she better stay lost than be around to ruin my livelihood. 3 months after her reported disappearance, I noticed a notable change in joe, he was more outgoing, calling me more, trying to hang out, our business is starting to recover, and I have travelled to east Asia a couple of times. I convince joe to come out more often and hang out with my family and I was taking him out to the bars, and outing with my military buddies, just to give him a chance to loosen up socially and get an opportunity to meet another girl. When we are out, I try not to bring up the topic of Kim, she was old news.

One time we were hanging out and he told me that Kim’s parents and her rich uncle has been calling up the police department trying to get them to arrest him, because they suspect that he murdered Kim, but there is no evidence that a crime has been committed, and that he voluntarily gave the police access to his home, and they have already searched everywhere, and he told them everything he knows beside the fact that she was having an affair. Looking at his marriage from the outside, there was no sign of marriage trouble, and none of them attempted to call a divorce lawyer before after her disappearance. They actually found out that Kim had a huge life insurance on joe without Joe’s knowledge, so it was a really strange case, and am sure the police were confused as well, so from the investigator’s standpoint, there were no motive for him to cause the disappearance of his wife.

The police probably spoke at length about Kim with the two other managers in the company, I know that because they spoke to me as well, they were just fishing for answers but didn’t have any leads to go on. we weren’t going to volunteer any information so none of them must have said anything concerning the fact that she had tried to destroy the company and was trying to convince other employees to leave the company, if they had, I was sure they would have had motive to arrest Joe or build a case against him, if they haven’t already. The case went cold for about 5 months, until Kim’s family in China hired some private investigation team to start working the case and asking questions, they were able to convince some Chinese employees to start talking about how Kim was trying to convince them to leave the company and join her etc., and some of Kim’s friends were saying how much she was unhappy with her marriage and wanted to leave Joe. The Private investigation team built enough probable cause to gain the attention of the local newspaper, which her people in China probably paid for, they ran constant report on Kim’s story, to force the Police and the DA and to garner interest of the public so the DA would move on the case.

Eventually the police retrieve some of the investigation done by the hired private investigating team, which include her trips, record of travel, her purchase, transcript of all the people they spoke to, information from her affair partner etc., this time some of the employees where brought into the police station which added more pressure to talk, and they later found out that before she went missing joe inform me and the two managers that she was trying to destroy the company, and I was told to travel to China to repair the damage.

When I was brought in for questioning, I came with a lawyer, and I refuse to disclose any information to assist them in the investigation because I didn’t want to incriminate myself. They wanted a statement from me because they knew I was close to them, and they try to intimidate me, telling me that I am a suspect, and an accessory to murder, telling me that I was feeling guilty because I lawyered up. On the back of my mind, I had a feeling that joe had done something to Kim, but I chose not to believe it. eventually they gave up trying to get any statement from me, but they would try to harass me by arresting me and releasing me within 24 hours and showing up at my place of work, etc.,

I don’t know the full details but somehow, they got a warrant to search joe’s house again and confiscated some items. Bulletin board of missing Kim’s pictures were all over town, on it was assume that she was dead, but they were asking for information leading to an arrest, for a money reward. the Police investigation lasted for an additional 6 more months, it was six months of torture because the news media or some newspapers were always harassing us at our workplace trying to get some statement, I was sure that some of them were fake, and were paid by the Kim’s family. but it took a toll on some of our employees, and the business started losing people. 6 months after, things kind of calmed down. I also spoke to joe during those 6 months, and we hang out a lot, their was a sense that he knows that I know that he had something to do with her disappearance, I didn’t have to ask him.

whatever may have happened between them, what I say to myself to sleep well at night was that this woman was trying to take food out of my kids table, and she was trying to destroy a company that I have spent my blood and sweat for, and she deserve every bit of what she had coming to her. After that six month the DA didn’t want to take the case to trial because all they had were circumstantial and hearsay, they might get it through a grant jury if they are lucky, but he might get acquitted in a trial, and what happens if more evidence comes to light? Then the case is toast, so they decided to wait for more evidence, which is how the case landed in the cold case section for now. So, they decided to shelf the case for now.

Things picked back up at the company and it seemed like we have weathered the storm. About a year later my wife called me while I was at the airport about to board a flight out of the country, she told me to put on the local news and I reminded her that I was at the airport, and only CNN is on, and she should tell me what was happening, she said that about 2 weeks ago, a jugger found some human remains that was scattered across an area, it appeared to have been dug out by some animals. And they found a skull and the dental records matches Kim’s. I immediately abandoned my flight and called joe, but he wasn’t picking up. Joe’s lawyer soon called me to inform me that Joe has been arrested. His bail was set at 300k, and we immediately got him out as soon as the judge allowed.

Long story short, I had a chance to speak with Joe, and he informed me that her death was an accident, what happened was she told him that she was leaving him and taking his daughter to China, he refused and pushed her and she hit her head against the wall and collapsed, she later recovered and joe assisted her to the couch were she laid down and was still talking but not loud, she continues to tell him that she would take her daughter, and she laid on the couch to recover from the concussion, joe said that he even brought a blanket to her as she laid on the couch because she refuse to go to the bedroom. He thought about taking her to the hospital, but he was afraid that the police may get involved and he thought that by morning she would be fine. The following morning, he came back to the living room and found out that she had passed, He noticed that she was oozing(bleeding) from the back of her head.

His story was consistent with the coroner report of a small fracture on the back of her skull (blunt force trauma), the coroner said that its inconclusive whether the force could have caused her death, but she may have bled out, after trial he was found guilty of second-degree murder, and the jury recommended about 20+ years in prison. As I write this story, he had already served 3 months of his sentence, and we are working to appeal his case. Joe has signed over most of his business to me and I promise to take care of him financially, and I am currently in custody battle with Kim’s parent because we want to adopt their 5-year-old daughter, that is what joe wanted, and the girl grew up with my children, and I think my home would be great for her.

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